Wednesday, December 14, 2011

X96 Nightmare Before Xmas

Last night I went to see The Naked and Famous and Cake at the Saltair with my friend Brett. While I was most excited for The Naked and Famous, Cake's performance was golden. They just have a stage presence that will blow you away. All of their songs are upbeat and even if you've never heard the song before, you'll find yourself swaying with the rest of the crowd and getting quite excited. Seriously, they're brilliant. While The Naked and Famous pumped everyone up, Cake was able to take that energy and channel into something more focused and unabashedly awesome.
The Naked and Famous at Webster Hall
My knee is a little sore from standing for so long and I'm a bit tired, but it was worth it. I'd forgotten how live music is it's own beast and I see more concerts in my future.


  1. Brett with two T's? Don't trust him... you really only need the one.

    Thanks for reminding me to add Cake to my mega-90's mix for my drive to Indiana this Christmas.

  2. haha he has a common last name that's spelled differently too. And woohoo to the 90s! Favorite music decade by far.