Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's hard to dance with the devil on your back

The first few times I heard this song I have to admit it kind of annoyed me. Mostly because I heard it ALL THE TIME and I just got tired of it quickly. So imagine my surprise when I heard it again today and I realized it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Today has been kind of an emotional day for me. Not in the sense that I'm weeping uncontrollably, but in the sense that I feel myself at a crossroads. Most of the time we don't realize how important a moment is until it's long past, but sometimes we're lucky enough to know we're standing on the edge of change.

Today I stand at that edge.

Part of me wants to fall into despair. To be indulgent and allow myself to fall apart. But that never gets anyone anywhere. I refuse to punish myself further for things I can't change.

So even though today marks the end of something I care very much about, it also marks the start of something else. What that something is I'm not entirely sure, but I'll figure it out.

Sometimes you just got to shake it out.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vegas (Part 2)

I had every intention of being a better blogger, but I've been busy enjoying life and trying to get myself in a good head space. Our friend Dan is leaving for the air force in a week so we went to Vegas for our last hurrah before he abandons us. Okay maybe "abandon" is a bit much, but it's always a little sad when one of your favorite people has to leave for a while.

But let's not focus on that.

Vegas was as good as I could have hoped for. This time we did more touristy things and we got to see a show. (Zumanity and it was AMAZING.) We stayed at the PH Westgate Towers again since the suites are amazing. There's something about being 54 floors up that just makes you feel like a king. I also got to order room service which has been on my bucket list forever.


Admittedly, a few of these pictures are from another trip but I didn't take any pictures of buildings or anything this time. Plus, I didn't want to carry my camera around. I used to be really big on photographing everything (I'm sure you noticed), but lately I've been more interested in enjoying myself. As you can see by some of these pics, I really enjoyed myself. Not only did I have a great trip, but I walked away with the most adorable tiny condiment bottles from our room service and a bottle of alcohol infused whipped cream. I didn't even know what to do with myself when I came across that brilliance.

All in all it was a great trip. I can't help but be amazed by some of the people I have in my life. You know that cheesy saying that sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can fall together? Well, that's proven to be true for me so far. I have a feeling 2012 is gonna be one of the more interesting years of my life. Yeah it's bittersweet in a lot of ways, but by god it's been a hell of a ride.

And it's only February. Bring on March!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I've always been a little apathetic towards Valentine's Day. There's something about forced affection that just turns me off (I'm not big on anniversaries for this reason too). When you're expecting something from your partner, the flowers or trinkets become a little less special in my opinion. I'd rather be surprised with a sweet note in my shoe than a dozen roses on Valentine's any day. Then again I'm a bit of a romantic so what do I know?

This was my first Valentine's Day being single since I was a teenager though and I wasn't sure how I was gonna feel about it (Christmas was awful). Surprisingly, it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day I've had so far.


I surprised Tiffany by covering her door with all the Valentine's Day paraphernalia I could find and she wrote me the best poem I've ever received in my life. We also made Aaron a beautiful poster of himself with Justin Bieber (literally a poster). Add all the laughs and a little bit of KY Jelly and it was a great day. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and it was exactly what I needed. I don't know what I would do without my roommates.

Here's a larger picture of the poem in case you're interested. A lot of the references are inside jokes and I blurred some of the names to protect the innocent.

Copy of SCAN0046

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was even a third as great as mine was.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vegas (Part 1)

Last weekend my roommate decided we needed to drive down to Las Vegas in order to follow a UK pop band she's just a tiny bit obsessed with. Without too much thought and a lot of excitement, we threw some clothes in a bag and had quite the weekend.

There's really no way to describe the trip except to say we had the total "bro" experience. We didn't take any pictures or buy any mementos. In fact, the only picture I have from the whole trip is this one from my phone.


Even though we drank far too much and made more than our fair share of questionable decisions, the trip was exactly what I needed. It turns out all it takes is a little over 400 miles for me to clear my head and let go of some of the bullshit I let weigh me down. I came back with a sense of clarity I was sorely missing. I know most people don't go to Vegas for clarity, but I never felt more aware of how lucky I am to be young and alive. Life is good in so many ways and it's a waste to let the bad things overshadow that. (I'm so deep I know.)

The funny thing is we're going back next weekend. The trip has been planned for months and I'm looking forward to doing the tourist thing and actually seeing a few shows this time. And who knows what insights I may come home with.